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5 Reasons Why Route Optimization Software Makes Drivers Happier

From grocery delivery to international freight, drivers' dissatisfaction is wreaking havoc on businesses that are desperately trying to stay afloat.

Drivers have expressed their dissatisfaction with having to do their jobs, particularly deliveries, in adverse conditions that cause delays and long hours on the road. This dissatisfaction may result in high driver turnover, low loyalty, and poor work behavior.

These delays are to be expected due to unexpected traffic congestion, which encourages drivers to seek alternative routes that may be longer than the designated route.

Rerouting may be the solution, but it is not without its difficulties. Re-routing can have an impact on multi-stop deliveries, putting the driver under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines.

Adopting route optimization software is a significant step toward happier drivers. In this article, we will look at the reasons why a better delivery route planning system will make drivers happier.

#1. Drivers take the most efficient routes.

Drivers no longer need to worry about whether the route they are taking is the best one. They also do not need to consider alternative routes because the software provides the most efficient routes.

Furthermore, drivers are not paid to navigate or find alternate routes. In some ways, it is time-consuming.

They can concentrate on the job for which they are paid by using automated route planning software.

#2. Drivers are easily accessible at drop-off locations.

As long as the driver arrives at the drop-off point on time, the route optimization software will adhere to the estimated time of arrival. As a result, the delivery process will run smoothly and the driver's service time will not be exceeded.

Furthermore, some route optimization software, such as Norma Live, has a Mobile App for drivers that remind them to bring their PUS machine if a credit/debit card transaction occurs.

#3. Drivers are always on time and never miss appointments.

When determining the best routes, route optimization software takes into account a variety of factors. According to map predictions, some of these factors include traffic conditions, road restrictions, delivery hours, and even random events such as concerts or sporting events.

It means that the drivers can complete their tasks as quickly as possible while still having time to spend with their families and friends.

#4. Drivers are no longer required to work past their scheduled hours.

Drivers are not required to work overtime. The software calculates the number of hours they have worked accurately. The software assigns them to routes that fit within the time remaining on their workday.

It assists the driver in adhering to his hours of service and maximizing his work hours, thereby increasing his earnings.

#5. Driver requirements are met

Route Optimization software will assist drivers in smoothly planning their day with their family and friends because they will know their service hours based on the well-optimized route plan that they follow on a daily basis. They gained more time control because they will have more time for pleasure and bonding with loved ones.

Drivers will feel respected and appreciated, which will improve their work performance and increase their sense of loyalty.

Norma Live can help you increase the efficiency and loyalty of your drivers.

Norma Live is a real-time dynamic live routing algorithm enabling you to put your entire express delivery operation on auto-pilot. It optimizes pickup & delivery operations of the last mile and significantly empowers same-day or immediate delivery services. Norma Live comes with an integrated visibility tool to provide a fully unified delivery management experience from zone/region to zone/region via a cross-dock, multi-hub network.

For more information on how Norma can impact your logistics operations, feel free to request a one-to-one live demo, and one of our experts will be happy to call you back to discuss your requirements in detail

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