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Norma Live Optimizes and Improves logistics operations for express delivery, last-mile and long-haul transportation including E-Commerce Last Mile, Parcel And Express Mail Service, Online Groceries, and Door - To – Door Distribution 

Norma Live comes with a backbone optimizer connecting the entire transportation chain with the last mile to provide predictable and reliable deliveries.

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‘’Hello I’m Norma Live, Your Intelligent Real-time Route Planning Assistant’’ 

Do you need a routing solution for daily distribution logistics optimization?


Norma Live is a real-time dynamic live routing algorithm enabling you to put your entire express delivery operation on auto-pilot. It optimizes pickup & delivery operations of the last mile and significantly empowers same-day or immediate delivery services. Norma Live can be easily combined with Altair LM to provide a fully unified delivery management experience from zone/region to zone/region via cross-dock, multi-hub network.

Fast real-time optimization for express deliveries

Connecting last-mile deliveries with cross-docks

Maximization of utilization and efficiency

Full automation with autopilot dispatching capabilities

Impressive customer experience with reliable predictable services

Command & Control at your fingertips

Ahmed El-leithy
Danone, Fleet Manager
Ahmed El-leithy
Danone, Fleet Manager

Norma Live is an online always-on dynamic optimization software for real-time logistics requirements. It provides dynamic real-time routing for pickup & delivery orders, in which orders are continuously streamlined and re-routing has to take place throughout the day. Norma Live uses metaheuristics run in real-time to solve complex combinatorial problems presented by challenging business cases of fast movements and logistics operations. This case is specifically interesting for same-day delivery requirements such as online ordering businesses (e-commerce last mile, online groceries, distribution businesses, etc.).

how norma go works
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How Norma Live works? 

Norma Live connects to the external data systems to retrieve information such as road network maps and traffic predictions to efficiently and quickly create the most efficient order delivery plan. It continuously re-optimizes routes based on incoming orders in real-time and feedback from the on-ground operations. 

Norma Live comes with a live control tower that shows a comprehensive overview of the current state of the logistics operations process. It shows a train-view of all routes of the best plan. Since Norma Live continuously optimizes its plans, the best plan is always updated and displayed on the User Interface. 

Norma Live can be easily integrated with any Transport Management System in order to help you turn your operations into a more 


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