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Using a scientific methodology that combines route optimization with prediction, Norma processes delivery orders based on target optimization objectives, capacity constraints, business rules, traffic rules and traffic predictions to calculate the best-optimized delivery routes. 

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Hello, I’m Norma GO. Your intelligent daily route planning assistant.

Do you need a live real-time routing solution for express deliveries?


Using Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computing, two key disciplines of Artificial Intelligence, Norma Go helps you to optimize logistics distribution and achieve more in an increasingly competitive and noisy market.

Automation instead of manual planning

Impressive customer experience

Combine with Altair or your own TMS for full automation


Reduces the number of used vehicles by up to


Reduces the number of miles driven by up to


Reduces the actual driving time by up to


Optimize time spent on the road by up to


Reduces operations costs

by up to


Reduces the time to plan

by up to

10 hr

Optimization of daily fleet routes and schedules

Significant reduction of operating costs

Maximization of utilization and efficiency

You can use Norma Go as a standalone solution or you can integrate the algorithm into your existing systems using its APIs. 

You can also use Norma Go together with Altair DC for a fully integrated experience combining the route planning with the monitoring of the execution on the ground.

Want to know more?


From our AI Lab - The Science behind Norma

Norma Go is Softec’s propriety AI Vehicle Routing Solution based on genetic computing as a result of extensive scientific research combined with industry experience. We use an adaptive heuristic search technique combined with machine learning to provide optimum results. Norma uses aggregated fitness functions to make sure the best possible solution based on business rules, optimization targets, customer objectives, resource constraints, traffic and other factors are selected.

how norma go works

Norma GO bases its decision on the following settings:

  1. Warehouse locations

  2. Available fleet capacity

    • types of vehicles and capacity ranges (volume, weight, units, …)

    • Compartment configurations (fixed / dynamic)

    • Access to 3PLs or short-term rentals for excess capacity needs

  3. Product specifications

  4. Pickup/Delivery Location Data:

    • Time windows (single or multiple per day)

    • Service Time (fixed or intelligently calculated or predicted with Machine Learning)

    • Best Timing for Arrival (intelligently predicted with Machine Learning)

  5. Business Rules including maximum driving times, maximum route distance, clustering of routes, working times and driver rest times, multi-trip allowances

  6. Traffic Rules including speed limits, road network constraints for vehicle types, etc

  7. Vehicle type restrictions – prohibitions of certain types to drive to particular locations

  8. Vehicle White List conditions – enforcement of particular vehicles to deliver to specific locations (gate passes or pre-approvals)


NORMA GO can automatically convert addresses into locations and clean up your locations data on the fly. It will help you find solutions in case of incorrect locations. Click Here to learn more about NORMA’s Geolocator.


Once you are ready to go, NORMA will pull outstanding delivery orders at cut-off time (Uploaded with Excel or directly pulled through APIs from ERPs or Order Management Systems).

NORMA GO will optimize against the following objectives:

  1. Number of vehicles

  2. Kilometres driven

  3. Plan cost

  4. Average cost per ton

With a single click, NORMA GO will produce the best-case routes plan and generate the ideal pick lists/routes with calculated ETAs for each delivery point.


After NORMA responds, you can:

  1. Review the plan in Map and Table format

  2. Review the Plan KPIs

  3. Export Trip sheet in Excel

  4. Export Pick List for warehouse loading instructions and per driver delivery requirements

  5. Export the plan to Altair Delivery Control Tower or to your own Transport Management System


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