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Intelligent Delivery Visibility 

Intelligent Delivery Visibility Amplifying real-time and actionable multimodal visibility across the ‘order to door’ journey in the supply chain

Real-time and Actionable Visibility
of Shipments Across All Supply Chain Modes


Do you need a routing solution for daily distribution logistics optimization?

Why Intelligent Delivery Visibility                           

Global trade is resuming its leadership position after the explosive supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. From fashion retail to consumer electronics to automotive, all major industries have lost millions of dollars due to supply chain bottlenecks.

A prime challenge that shippers and carriers face today is unexpected disruptions. This creates shipment delays in global multimodal supply chain operations - air, ocean, rail, road and adversely impacts business; delayed raw material procurement, warehouse mismanagement, underutilization of resources, OTIF penalties and low CSAT scores due to delayed e-commerce deliveries.

Fast real-time optimization for express deliveries

Connecting last-mile deliveries with cross-docks

Maximization of utilization and efficiency

Full automation with autopilot dispatching capabilities

Impressive customer experience with reliable predictable services

Command & Control at your fingertips

Warehouse Workers in Hardhats

Supply Chain Visibility: A Challenge to
Consumer-facing Shippers and Carriers

  • Lack of real-time shipment visibility across air, ocean, rail, road, parcel and intermodal logistics

  • Inaccurate or no ETA for both inbound and outbound logistics

  • Unable to track specific shipments using order ID or PO number

  • Complexity in integrating visibility solutions with legacy TMS, WMS, ERPs

  • No single source of truth due to scattered data across multiple systems

  • Long lead times to connect and go live with the right carriers in multiple geographies

  • Cost implication for carriers to digitalize operations, share live location and ETA updates

  • Upstream disruptions disturb downstream planning; last-mile capacity planning with mid-mile ETAs

How Norma Live works

Norma Live connects to external data systems to retrieve information such as road network maps and traffic predictions to efficiently and quickly return the best-case pickup and delivery plan for the orders. It continuously re-optimizes live based on incoming orders in real-time.

how norma go works

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